Watchmen finale gave us answers but we still have questions

Lady Trieu’s true intentions were last but not least unveiled.


HBO’s Watchmen is around. The 9-episode operate of the sequence centered on the legendary comic of the same name threw mystery soon after secret at viewers. Even though the closing episode answered numerous issues, there are even now some questions remaining lingering. 

We are going to dive into these thoughts. But first, a recap of the Watchman series finale. 


It turns out that Lady Trieu was the a single pulling all the strings. Her mother, Bian My, worked at Adrian Vedit’s foundation in the Antarctic and stole a vial of his sperm to impregnate herself. The final result was Girl Trieu, the “world’s smartest lady.” 

After being dismissed by Adrian, Trieu produced her possess prepare to conserve the entire world. Whilst, it felt much more like attempting to exhibit up her daddy. Trieu supplied the Seventh Kavalry with the equipment necessary to seize Physician Manhattan, even though she also formulated the tech required to truly transfer his godlike powers to her. 


Like mother, like daughter, like mother again. 


All of this was foiled by Adrian, who ended up preserving the earth again. Of program, before he could do this, he had to get off Europa. Lady Trieu despatched a spacecraft to rescue him from Jupiter’s moon immediately after viewing the “Preserve Me Daughter” message we glimpsed in episode 5.

We also master that he arrived up with his own hero tale that was performed out by the clones in order to retain his sanity from residing in a “perfect” world. This also describes why his captor, the Recreation Warden, also provided him the horseshoe hidden in the cake. 

Also, for these who have not examine the comics, just one of Adrian’s good feats as a younger man catching a bullet with his palms. It appears he still has some moves at his more mature age. 

Now, on to the concerns. 

Did Angela take in Health practitioner Manhattan’s electrical power? 

In the previous handful of minutes of Sunday’s episode, Angela becomes centered on an egg that supposedly has Medical doctor Manhattan’s powers. She eats it and attempts to walk on h2o in the backyard pool. The display screen cuts to black appropriate ahead of her foot can make get in touch with. 


Medical professional Night? Or Sister Manhattan?


This is the type of ambiguous ending to be expecting from Damon Lindelof, collection author and govt producer, but there is certainly a subtle clue it may possibly have labored. During the show, the same shade of blue as Health care provider Manhattan skin was seen in pictures in and all over Angela’s property, hinting he was in disguise. The previous shot of the clearly show has a blue filter glimpse which is supposed to represent the morning light-weight, but it could be necessarily mean she been given Medical doctor Manhattan’s powers. Perhaps not all of them hence the lighter blue of the shot, or it could be the shade signifies the commence of her producing powers. 

Even now, Lindelof could be pulling a quickly one. If there is a Watchmen time 2, you will find a great chance it begins off with Angela slipping into the pool. If she absorbed godlike powers, it would make perception that she would really feel the effects straight away,  instead than ready to check out them out by strolling on drinking water. 

Will Adrian be punished for his crimes? 

The other large question: What will occur with Adrian now that he’s again on Earth?. Hunting Glass and Laurie Blake captured him with plans to have him charged for the demise of 3 million individuals. This criminal circumstance could be the emphasis of period 2 if there is a person. Let’s also not overlook that the government and specified corporations are benefitting from persons even now believing the Earth was attacked by aliens again in 1985, so that could also perform a element. 


The real hero of the display. 


Other queries:

Whatsoever happened to Lube Guy? 

Special Agent Dale Petey was probable Lube Person, but there was no hero minute for the wannabe. An entry on Peteypedia is a memo created by him chatting about a reserve termed Fogdancer, which was a preferred e book among the masked vigilantes. A summary of the ebook describes an outfit that sounds comparable to what Lube Person was putting on generating a potent argument it was the FBI agent. 

What will materialize to Girl Trieu’s daughter?

It was hinted in episode 4 that Woman Trieu’s daughter was actually a clone of her mom. Adrian confirmed that as soon as he noticed her. She’s a youthful woman with amazing intellect, but looking at the destiny of her mom, or somewhat daughter, may possibly keep her delving into designs for environment domination. She’ll possible turn out to be insanely abundant except Lady Trieu’s empire goes below when the general public turns into knowledgeable of her ideas. 

What will come about to Nite Owl? 

We know Dan Dreiberg is even now in jail, and Sen. Keene, who’s now just a pool of slime, is not going to be equipped to adhere to up on finding him out. Will he just keep there or will period 2, if it happens, give some closure? It’s possible he’ll share a jail mobile with Adrian? 

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